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Tall Days is now part of BMG/Chrysalis Fieldhouse !!!

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Tall Days was spun on New York's Q104.3's new music show "Out of the Box" hosted by Jonathan Clarke.

"All in My Way" & "Everybody Stop" have been added to M.I. Radio - www.minetradio.com

"All in My Way" & "Break It" have been added to WPSC (88.7 FM) Radio in Wayne, NJ


Jim Testa - nj.com "Tall Days almost seem to be making a statement by sounding completely different from most of what you’ll hear in clubs (and especially on the radio) these days, focusing on a raw, stripped down intensity reminiscent of the British blues-rock bands of the early 60’s as opposed to the squeaky-clean, auto-tuned pop that dominates today’s market."

The Sentimentalist
Three short, boosy, bluesy, knock over the tables, rip roaring, nights.  “Better” kicks off the EP with kicking Stone Temple Pilots-ish guitar riffatude, vocals also have a Scott Weiland bend to them.  “Girl’s Trouble” is next up, with even more dirty blues inspiration, perhaps even a nod to a certain striped Detroit band. Last on the disc is the real shiner, “The 20’s”, which is pure, inspiried indie bliss. Three Short Nights is just not enough.

Graham and Joe make up the Tall Days. Although only a duo they make one hell of a racket. Graham makes up for almost a full band by singing, playing guitar, bass, and alto sax. Joe does all percussion and drums. This duo have been gigging out quite a bit and gaining strong comparisons to The Black Keys with their bluesy, rock riffs(“Foggy Glasses”). They also sound like students of Led Zepplin, The Who, and Deep Purple.

Hoboken Rock City
Like an all-male White Stripes, this Essex County duo of Graham and Joe crafts a fine, rockin' sound on their EP.



Radio Play

WAXQ 104.3 New York, NY
WDHA 105.5 Dover, NJ
88.7 NYACK, NY
KACV Amarillo, TX
KFMA Tucson, AZ
KS95, Atlantic, IA
KSPI, Oklahoma City, OK
KXRK, Salt Lake City, UT
WARQ, Columbia, SC
WAVF Charleston, SC
WDYL Richmond, VA
WJBX, Ft Myers, FL
WKZQ, Myrtle Beach, SC
WLZX, Northampton, MA
WPGU, Champaign, IL
WUBZ Philipsburg, PA
XM Satellite Radio XM52
KDHX, St Louis
WMHB, Waterville, Maine
KACV, Amarillo  
WRIR, Richmond
KS95, Atlantic, IA
KKUP, San Francisco, CA
WPSC Wayne, NJ

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